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Thursday, March 5th, 2009
9:49 pm
my boss checks his stocks like I check my facebook

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
5:04 pm - dream
had a dream that I was biking on some mixed-use path and was running head-on into a light rail streetcar thing... so I decided to hide under the tracks, well that didn't work so well and I ended up suffering massive lacerations... had to get myself to a hospital, cut open, but for some reason I was hiding in a doctor's office rather than running to the emergency room.

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Thursday, February 5th, 2009
1:02 am - Interview with the Vampire
Today we interviewed a potential intern today: a CS student in his senior year. (before I start writing, let me help myself to my girlfriend's roommates bottle of syrah)

As we already have a rough idea of his ability, aspirations, etc ad nauseum, today was purely work to gauge his technical and analytical abilities. We were planning to conduct the interview in such a manner:

1. A couple easier code problems, simple warmups to see if he can actually write a function.
2. A harder, more algorithmic problem.
3. Some abstract program management questions.

So we sat down and first had him reverse a string. Using only the subscript operator. This branched into whether or not C# string type is a reference type or a value type - candidate was convinced it was a value type because it turns blue in MSVS... Which is a fine mistake to make, but hilarious. Anyway. So about 1 hour later, we worked out what a string looks like in memory, what a pointer is, etc. Then onto reversing a sentence in place. The candidate basically imploded here, trying to solve too much in too convoluted of a manner. Of course it didn't help that we were caring about runtime half the time, and then not caring the next. Anyway I got bored and started spacing out, and started thinking to myself... Why in the hell are we having this guy do this shit? Do we have a dire need to reverse a 5GB sentence in-place??? Shouldn't we be questioning this guy on like, how he would write a web handler or something??? Why can't we get to something a little more interesting, why can't this guy just answer the problem?

The rest of the interview went decent. I wonder if we'll hire the guy.

Anyway, it was a bit interesting to see how far I had come in my understanding of computer languages and code construction practice. While grilling the candidate I asked when it would be a good time to start deriving classes, and he responded when you have an abstract class Car, you can make SUV, Coupe, &c ... as "You know, you could have one big object with a whole lot of data fields on it, but that would be totally unwieldly..."
"Arguably so is a big class hierarchy. I'd prefer just 1 object in that case. What would be the point where you would start subclassing?" Finally we wrenched it out of this kid: subclass when behaviour changes. (not data).

It seems silly to pat myself on the back for stumping the kid, but really I'm just pleased to see that I am actually picking up the craft. 2 years ago I would have given the same answer he did. Hell I certainly do NOT want to read code I wrote two years ago.

Finally it was interesting as it was kind of shop talk between my boss, the candidate and I. It shed some light on some ambiguities, like what exactly C# string is (it's an alias of String). Uhh and some other crap I can't think of right now. It was fun, but maybe not the best way to spend 3 hours in the middle of a sprint.

Also in other news I rode my bike from Cadie's to mine to pick up this computer and back to Cadie's again. 3/4 of the way through my return my front wheel got a flat, a slow bleeding one. Why the hell does this crap happen to me. Also, my leg is bleeding and I don't know why.

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
1:19 am - Straight Shooter
So over the past 4 months I've been saying over and over again that I am abandoning the tyranny of disposable razors and opting for a straight razor solution to my grooming needs. After much deliberation, 1 cheap-o $10 razor off ebay, agonizing research, and rationalization, I've finally bought the razor; a refurbished Dovo at 19/32" by 3 1/2". Actually I don't really remember the measurements. Anyway for the absolutely-necessary strop I once again opted for the cheapest of the high-end, that being the "Artisan Lite" model from The Well Shaved Gentleman. I picked up a new shaving brush off ebay for $20 and the shaving soap I found at l'occitane in Pacific Place... While I didn't enjoy spending $15 for a puck that should cost $5, I was happy to have soap at the end of the day.

Anyway, long story short: tonight was my 2nd time shaving and I am fucking loving it. My technique leaves much room for improvement, but even my amateur's take on the procedure is leaving me well-shorn, smelling nice and feeling accomplished. As my facial hair doesn't grow fast enough for daily shaving to be imperative, I tend to treat shaving as an afterthought; this leaves me with pubic whiskers sprouting from my upper lip culminating in a generally sleazy effect that I do not prefer. To wit: I am trying to make shaving a cherished ritual and am thus far succeeding. It is an appeal to my ever-insatiable vanity, but I say better your soul suffer than your countenance.

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
1:04 am - feelings
Had a show on the 20th at a house party, but my slot was cancelled due to one of the fellow performers vetoing my set. Why would she do such a thing? Let's briefly run over our shared history.

We had met at a show of my friend's in November, during the Cadie is gone and I need a new girlfriend phase, during which I was very much so on my game, and eventually got the invite back to her place. What transpired at her place however was not a night of torrid get-over-her sex but tedious conversation about musical aspiration and a bowl of cheerios before hitting the hay because work was early tomorrow. I think we had one other date and it was crap. I think she was feeling the Q but I didn't call her again. Ran into her once and had a conversation about Christianity and religion and all that, timely enough that got upstaged by Cadie calling from God-knows-where.

That period wasn't really good for me, as I kinda did this come-on-strong oh-wait-i'm-still-hung-up-on-my-ex twice with two girls in Cadie's absence, one of which was not only beautiful but really cool and I wish I hadn't pissed her off the way I did. History has a funny way of being around forever.

Anyway, naturally I am excited by gigs, so for me to lose this is a bit sad, but the manner in which I lost it makes me sting a little. I'm annoyed and remorseful.

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Monday, January 26th, 2009
12:18 pm - Weekend
Friday was spent at work, hanging out with boss & boss's wife (lovely folks) then clickin and clackin on the keyboard. Got out relatively early, went home drank a couple beers, decided to make pizza, so I made the dough then me & mechagodzilla12 went up to Trader Joe's n MM for fixins and wine, then my girl's roomie called so we wetn and hung wit him @ the Summit Alehouse for a hot minute, then over to oz_the_geek's place for some midnight BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, which was hilarious as it was a room full of nerds laughing at obscure star trek references. Proceed to go back home and cook a pizza all wine'd up, then watch clash of the titans and passthefuckout

Saturday was spent waking up at 11, sans hangover, drinkin a bit of coffee then an intense workout session I am still sore from, then big ass omelette with roommate, then shower & meet girlfriend downtown where we went to buy some tea, shoe trees, tried to find a shirt to no avail, whatever. Met up with kieka_23 for some oddfellows but it was totally packed so we went to bimbo's poorly lit dungeon for drinks n nachoes. PRO TIP: Reservations are recommended for busy times @ Oddfellows. Then back home for a game of Risk wit roommates & Josh from College Inn, Princess Mononoke, and Casino Royale all ending at 4AM.

Sunday was spent cooking another bigass omelette, fighting with my girlfriend over whether or not to put chard in the omelette, troubleshooting the malfunctional water heater, ripping the thermocouple out of the malfunctional water heater, sending girlfriend off on the portland-bound train, hopping a bus to home depot, talking to 3 incompetent home depot staffers until finally finding a guy who knows a crap - popping over to downtown to find a short-sleeved oxford (right now: impossible) and some wet shaving soap at a price lesser than $25 for a fucking BAR OF SOAP... Finally finding it somewhere in Pacific Place, then back up home to fix the water heater, finding/sealing a gas leak, then band practice, then got a bit high and boogied down while making burritos & watching V for Vendetta.

Today has not been kind as I think I'm hungover from the weed. And I am at work. At least the sun is beautiful. Good weekend, certainly active. Turmoil underneath. Mercury in retrograde. ttfn

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Friday, January 23rd, 2009
2:21 pm - beautiful women
Almost every day I see a young woman park her white Volvo in the paid lot and go to work. I don't know exactly where she works, but it's probably an art gallery, or perhaps an architecture firm, or one of the others in the building catty-corner from mine, to the southwest.

Her visage is immaculate, impeccable. I don't like overdone makeup but in my eyes a woman can never overdress. It's a little hard to explain, as I am something of a counter-cultural, but sufficeth to say I appreciate tasteful fashion in all its incarnations, including the very rich and seemingly uninspired. I can't help it - classic clothing looks good. While it's not inventive, it is also not effortless - nay, dressing well requires a considerate eye as well as money. It helps that she's beautiful.

So she is often going to and from her car, and I am often overseeing the parking lot. Occasionally I see her looking up, but that's rarely. Unfortunately it seems to be exactly when I find it most imperative to pick my nose.

I think she's so beautiful and I look forward to seeing her every time. I can only imagine that her impression of that guy up above the parking garage is slightly different.

I guess graduating from baristas to architects is an improvement.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
1:42 am - yay, Obama day.
Feeling verbose while eating and drinking wine.

When GW Bush was elected president I was 17 years old. I was enrolled in AP Government at the time, reading Bush camp articles that describe plain-as-day their plans to "take out Saddam". Gore was painted a wishful-thinking environmentalist, whose association with the previous 8 years of prosperity was somehow nullified by the fact that he was boring. I don't know what was going through Gore's head through it all - it's kinda like Hillary getting bested by Barack Obama. "This is mine. Why is this guy raining on my parade?" Except where Hillary fought back with her inner hysterical bitch, Gore's voice seemed to weaken as he re-iterated how he differed with Bush on HMO coverage. Afraid to go for the throat. I guess too much time working with people makes you soft when you have to work against them. Of course, it helped that Bush's cronies in the South rigged the elections, and that the Supreme Court sold the presidency to Bush, and that Gore chose not to contest further, opting to listen to the "will of the people".

Most of all in that process, in my world I was a 17 year old: I drove my dad's truck to school, I was in a very popular band, had many friends and played a shit tonne of video games. However, I could not vote, and the whole process I observed very passively. And when it all went down, the dust clear and Bush standing at the podium, I was still 17, and still very high, still playing a shit tonne of video games and being young, and the state of the nation was more an abstract notion than it was concrete reality. This detachment was compounded by the fact that I was living in Alaska, where we really, really do not give a fuck about the lower 48. Except for their military contracts, their oil money, their sweet sweet taxpayer dollars funnelled home by Uncle Ted, and their foodstuffs, consumer electronics and 12" records that we fly in daily to keep us alive. Besides that, we don't give a fuck.

And my detachment continued throughout college - even 9/11, as vivid a day as it was, was as foreign to me as reports of Eastern European ethnic disputes. And I watched the world slip into horror through the television screen, even though I was still eating highly delicious burritos, playing starcraft 8 hours a day, and getting drunk as hell while doing it. Even when 2004 rolled around I was still detached - Alaska always goes red, always - so I voted for the libertarian candidate, just for the hell of it. I'm pretty sure he got 10% that year. However, what sickened me in the rest of the nation is that not only was Bush re-elected, but by a MAJORITY of Americans. I understand that there was a lot of rhetoric bandied about and that Kerry was a remarkably uncharismatic leader, but the fact of the matter is that Bush basically declared war, against the wishes of the UN, for no good reason (not in the end nor the beginning) - and the American people, no matter how conflicted they were in the moments leading up to that choice, voted to CONDONE this action. I was disappointed in the lower 48, in the imaginary world. Kind of like if your simcity has a bout of urban decay and your once-gilded downtown is a slum populated by crackheads. That kind of disappointment. My solution is to end the program.

So then I went to Denmark, and continued to play in intense fantasy worlds of my own creation, eating danish pastries, building mowthelawn.net, learning to smoke cigarettes. I remember when I came back one of the first things my dad said. "Hey dad so... how's it going?" "well, the war's going badly!" It was 2005 and there was still a war. And we were calling it a war, not an intervention-by-force, or use of deadly measures, but a war. Now, considering that it's 2009 and we still have troops there, you might think "buck up Q, you have 4 more years" but to me, it was long overdue. The price tag had bloated, and basically every reason I had said this was a bad idea ended up coming true, things like underground resistance movements causing a lot more trouble than was expected.... BUUUUUUUUUUT we're not here to rant about the war.

And upon receiving my degree from the university of Alaska, I went out to make my way in the world, and Get A Job, and Get Rich like all CS majors inevitably do. So I moved to rainy Capitol Hill, Seattle, and got my 10-6 shift at Beetlabs, and soaked into the lower 48 until I lived in Seattle. And living in Seattle was very horrifying, because there were no trees, and junkies everywhere (working in Pioneer Square, living on Cap Hill), and it was dirty, and QFC is a crappy place to buy groceries, and there are SO MANY PEOPLE, I-5 is a giant river of cars, each one coughing up carbon monoxide to the sky; it was culture shock. But I assimilated and began to count myself as part of America, and become somewhat invested in her future.

And after watching Bush fuck it up absolutely royally, 2008 started looking really, really good. I'll admit I was a Ron Paul supporter at first but, wary to the ways of the spoiler candidate, I bowed in favor of Barack Obama for the primary, as there was a chance Clinton might win Washington. (It was also convenient that my housemates were driving to the caucus while I was awake and clothed.) And soon I began to take Obama as My Candidate, and it was like having a sports team to root for, and better yet, a sports team that didn't suck. Obama was intelligent, eloquent, and best of all, able to brush aside the absolute bullshit that was tossed his way, rather than try to ignore it like candidates of the past. Obama was a different beast and the old ways didn't work on him.

So, long story short, I voted for him in the primary and in the general election, and he won. That was the first vote I cast where I voted for the winner - certainly I don't vote to be with The Majority - but I am delighted that my choice has carried through to the top. Today marks that victory, and that contribution, and best of all: the exodus of Bush, and god willing, Bush politics.

The cynical part of me is waiting for Obama to flub, and meet friction in the Senate, as the Republicans are often very clever in screwing the plans of the Democrats, but I am still hopeful. What we need now from Obama is more talk of individual responsibility, some brilliant government programs, and some foreign policy magic to get everybody singing the same song.

Dogged pursuit of a war crimes trial of Bush & Co. would be a welcome bonus, but I have no delusions.

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
10:11 am - Windows
Sure, Windows, you can just restart any fucking time you feel like it.

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Sunday, January 11th, 2009
10:20 pm - Moron
Just had a heart attack because somebody has been receiving cheques from me for $300. Checks I don't remember writing.

Upon inspection it was my rent cheque. Forgot that I was paying such cheap rent :P

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Saturday, January 10th, 2009
2:58 pm - stir the pot
Playing a free show tonight @ College Inn, around 8:30PM. MY roommate asked me a couple days ago if I'd open for them, and I said sure, why not. So I've been practicing the last couple days, bouncing from work at reasonable hours to squeeze in some thrash time before quiet hours, writing new material, listening to music in a different way, practicing practicing practicing. I love Having A Show, it makes life a lot richer. Something I constantly forget, or just let fall aside. Also, talking loud clears my throat, something that's been continuously clogged with phlegm for damn near a year.

Further, I had a dream last night about some sort of poetry class, and the teacher was this TOTAL bitch... Me/the protagonist (it was kinda like a movie) was questioning why structure in a poem was necessary ("can't I just write, I don't want to conform") and the teacher said "Fine let me see what you've been writing about, what's your oh-so-important point to make" and the student was kinda reluctant to show her. At that point the teacher said something along the lines of "Most people say the same thing over and over again, there is not a lot of originality in ultimate messages, so they use structure to enrich the poem, to make it more interesting."

Upon retrospect it was relatively profound thing for my unconscious mind to say. Do you think it's true? Creativity generally thrives inside a structure. I kind of want to take a poetry class, or something, to know all the meter shit and classical verse construction.

Also in the dream was a freestyle session upon which this chick rhymed "room" with "broom" and it totally blew my fucking mind I wanted to kiss her

Another dream I had the other night was me sneaking into an office building to find a drum to bang on. I hid in a corridor much like some sort of Matrix-cubicle-scene thing and waited until it was clear, then ran like hell, got spotted, found a drum and ran out the door to bang on it. When I was outside, the stick I had to bang on it broke, and I had to find another stick. The drum/stick combination was one of those Native Alaskan drums, so I needed like THAT kinda stick. It was all very urgent. Then I happened upon a group of three inuit guys who were sitting down - they gave me one and we started banging and singing this crazy song. Then I woke up.

Anyway, my unconscious mind is totally pleased as it's an arena of life that I've been neglecting for damn near 2 years, which is depressing to no end. I don't want to do the rap thing anymore, I kinda want to do more harder stuff, and also maybe get into jazz, like jazz drumming or something. Drums have been going well, although I haven't practiced THEM in damn near a week.

Also, I recently bought a weight bench which I have been using occasionally. Only bench press right now, and a little bit of shoulder work with the free weights. My roommates and I are trying to get a routine going - I want to do it in the morning say around 8. It's the best laid plan possible, nothing could go wrong with waking up at 8 every weekday.

Anyway, send some cosmic coordination energy to me tonight, because I am still rusting on my bass-finger plucking and I need to scream at the same time. xo Q

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Friday, January 9th, 2009
4:56 pm - Google Chrome
A funny thing about google chrome is that I consistently hit ctrl-h when I intend to hide it, as I would on my hope computer. In no other windows application do I ever hit ctrl-h.

Of course, ctrl-h doesn't hide the app, cos it's not a Mac. But it's funny how my interaction changes with the slight visual tuning Google took with Chrome. Is it the blue-on-blue buttons? Would I totally freak out if I tried using Vista?

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Thursday, January 8th, 2009
3:55 am - Hot Sauce
when I was in Florida I went to a restaurant called Tijuana Flats.

Now the cusine was fast-food mexican, a couple notches up from Taco Bell, but their big selling point was their HOT SAUCE BAR that boasted no less than 10 hot sauces and upwards of 25-30 at any one time. It was very impressive. I thought to myself well who gives a hoot but I smiled and dipped my entree in my personal paper cup full of sauce from the HOT SAUCE BAR.

Oh how times have CHANGED! Cadie ended up scoring some MELINDA'S HOT SAUCE ( http://www.melindas.com/ ) from the store for some ungodly reason, and we were out of salsa which is basically 2nd to water in my book. So I made do with the MELINDA'S HOT SAUCE and oh my god it was delicious. Vinegar-y, of course hot, and a little sweet, a little fruity. I am in LOVE with hot sauce as of this moment!!! I never knew!!!

You see I grew up where hot sauce was generally associated with Tabasco (military) or Taco Bell (bullshit) thus I had a bit of an aversion to hot sauce in general. But I've always loved salsa and now that I can get some decent sauces I'm having a fucking hot sauce renaissance all up in my house. All I want to do is cook burritos or quesedillas or ANYTHING taht will warrant the usage of hot sauce!

Also I like srihacha but that's nothing new


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Sunday, January 4th, 2009
11:39 am - Shoes have been acquired
40% sale rack @ Edie's on Capitol Hill
nu shooz

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Friday, January 2nd, 2009
3:33 am - Shoes
1. I am buying new shoes, god damnit, and I might need some input. You know what my problem is? I'm a perfectionist, or, am I a coward? I can't even commit to my own self-deprecation. Cadie told me I am brave.

Well I am not brave when it comes to buying shoes. No, no - it's not the act of going into the stores themselves. I cannot bring myself to buy shoes. I really don't understand it. When we were in SF some 9 months ago we went to all the typical shoe outlets but I was unable to do it. It was like peeing in front of somebody who doesn't see your dick on a daily basis. And I can put them on, and ask the shopkeeps for different sizes, but something about the whole process leaves me totally unable to commit to a shoe. I'm pretty sure it's because I suffer from that quintessential american quality of being "uppity", in that I want to dress myself in expensive, luxurious garb; while at the same time being so frugal-minded that I cannot bring myself to part with the cash that would buy these garments. Always reconsidering and thinking maybe there is another deal let us go up the street. I wish I could just point at a shoe and say, "that one". But even then, in the case that I have said "that one", it was a pair of italian fucking pumas, a deep mahogany-shaded leather with creme/gold detailing, sitting there in a mall for well-to-do sporty types, the kind who spend $90 on a fucking plaid shirt from volcom, a brilliant beacon amidst a bunch of a mediocre dross, and I said to myself, "but if I wore those shoes I would feel completely ridiculous as the rest of the outfit is like jeans and a t-shirt" ... and they were $200 dollars again the cash thing. But really, 9 months later, and my back and legs starting to become very sore, would it have been worth it? The shoes, I mean? Buying them? What is the purpose of money, if not to be spent?

Is it me or do 95% of shoes out there look fucking crap??? Jesus christ they look like the fucking millenium falcon! I swear each new shoe design is a palimpsest, just add a new fucking layer to an already tacky shoe. AUGH!

FURTHER I want a shoe that will fare well in the rain, odd splashes of puddles, biking, and on top of that, be fucking leather and gorgeous!!! Maybe I need like, three shoes. But how do people decide which shoes to wear when they walk out the door??? I can't tell if this is like, a microcosm of a greater deficiency of mine, or if I was like, beaten to death by shoe in a past life, or something. I think maybe I need to move to a beach town, because then I could wear sandals all day and be done with it.

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008
3:06 pm - Resolutions
- Get a raise or get a new job
- Get in a band that practices regularly and play some parties
- Get good at drums... practice like 8 hours a week
- Get at least 5 websites off the ground, no matter how rink-a-dink or grand
- Grow something edible
- Read at least 12 books, half of them fiction
- Learn 2 of the following: d, perl, python, erlang, haskell, ocaml

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Thursday, December 4th, 2008
2:04 am - First Sentence From Every Post To memeslut For The Year of 2008
Jan - It is a desired trait to be lazy as a programmer
Feb - So I was poking around our cart code just trying to get a rendering issue in Safari worked out.
Mar - PARASITIC INFESTATION: I am 95% sure they're dead. Aside from the residual itching, the chapter is over.
Apr - Man, sometimes I wish I was black, or gay, or on really hard drugs, preferably all of the above.
May - I Betrayed Someone At Warfish Today. It was your regular 8-man free for all - with 9 territories.
Jun - I always confuse Robert Mugabe with Charles Mudede.
Jul - Say I have a command line that looks liek this

% ls /some/ridiculously/long/path/etc/you/get/the/point

and I uh, instead meant to run cat instead of ls. Is there some easy way of getting the cursor to that 1st line? Please restrict your suggestions to Terminal.app, "use linux, nub" is not acceptable.
Aug - The Blue Angels are in town.
Sep - fell off my bike / with my laptop in my backpack / again
Oct - Friends of mine are convening at the Central Cinema, in the Central District.
Nov - plowing through the 1000+ items in my feed reader, a range that straddles the date of November 4th, is pretty eye-opening.
Dec - M.I.A. "Paper Planes" Can we, as a society, PLEASE be fucking done with this song?

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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
5:10 pm - M.I.A. "Paper Planes"
Can we, as a society, PLEASE be fucking done with this song?

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Thursday, November 27th, 2008
4:23 am - diesel jeans turned 30 a while back
and they did a self-masturbatory promo vid of SFW porn. you know, draw in MSpaint over a porn scene to create a hilarious juxtaposition of the original actors in a completely innocent context. saw it a while ago, said "huh just like that one thread on something awful" ... then last week my friend showed it to me on his computer, one of those like "hey check this out" and then they're constantly re-evaluating your facial expressions to make sure that you, like them, think OH MY GOD HAHAHA THIS IS THE FUNNIEST SHIT EVER LOL HOW DO THEY COME UP WITH THIS STUFF OH MAN, DIESEL, HAHAHA, OH WOW

I faked it pretty good.

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Monday, November 17th, 2008
6:46 pm - Sigh
Spent damn near 2 months without a phone. So now I get a phone, and the first call I get on my shiny brand-new phone is the Seattle Times trying to sell shit to me.

le sigh.

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