memeslut (memeslut) wrote,

First Sentence From Every Post To memeslut For The Year of 2008

Jan - It is a desired trait to be lazy as a programmer
Feb - So I was poking around our cart code just trying to get a rendering issue in Safari worked out.
Mar - PARASITIC INFESTATION: I am 95% sure they're dead. Aside from the residual itching, the chapter is over.
Apr - Man, sometimes I wish I was black, or gay, or on really hard drugs, preferably all of the above.
May - I Betrayed Someone At Warfish Today. It was your regular 8-man free for all - with 9 territories.
Jun - I always confuse Robert Mugabe with Charles Mudede.
Jul - Say I have a command line that looks liek this

% ls /some/ridiculously/long/path/etc/you/get/the/point

and I uh, instead meant to run cat instead of ls. Is there some easy way of getting the cursor to that 1st line? Please restrict your suggestions to, "use linux, nub" is not acceptable.
Aug - The Blue Angels are in town.
Sep - fell off my bike / with my laptop in my backpack / again
Oct - Friends of mine are convening at the Central Cinema, in the Central District.
Nov - plowing through the 1000+ items in my feed reader, a range that straddles the date of November 4th, is pretty eye-opening.
Dec - M.I.A. "Paper Planes" Can we, as a society, PLEASE be fucking done with this song?
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