memeslut (memeslut) wrote,

Hot Sauce

when I was in Florida I went to a restaurant called Tijuana Flats.

Now the cusine was fast-food mexican, a couple notches up from Taco Bell, but their big selling point was their HOT SAUCE BAR that boasted no less than 10 hot sauces and upwards of 25-30 at any one time. It was very impressive. I thought to myself well who gives a hoot but I smiled and dipped my entree in my personal paper cup full of sauce from the HOT SAUCE BAR.

Oh how times have CHANGED! Cadie ended up scoring some MELINDA'S HOT SAUCE ( ) from the store for some ungodly reason, and we were out of salsa which is basically 2nd to water in my book. So I made do with the MELINDA'S HOT SAUCE and oh my god it was delicious. Vinegar-y, of course hot, and a little sweet, a little fruity. I am in LOVE with hot sauce as of this moment!!! I never knew!!!

You see I grew up where hot sauce was generally associated with Tabasco (military) or Taco Bell (bullshit) thus I had a bit of an aversion to hot sauce in general. But I've always loved salsa and now that I can get some decent sauces I'm having a fucking hot sauce renaissance all up in my house. All I want to do is cook burritos or quesedillas or ANYTHING taht will warrant the usage of hot sauce!

Also I like srihacha but that's nothing new

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