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Had a show on the 20th at a house party, but my slot was cancelled due to one of the fellow performers vetoing my set. Why would she do such a thing? Let's briefly run over our shared history.

We had met at a show of my friend's in November, during the Cadie is gone and I need a new girlfriend phase, during which I was very much so on my game, and eventually got the invite back to her place. What transpired at her place however was not a night of torrid get-over-her sex but tedious conversation about musical aspiration and a bowl of cheerios before hitting the hay because work was early tomorrow. I think we had one other date and it was crap. I think she was feeling the Q but I didn't call her again. Ran into her once and had a conversation about Christianity and religion and all that, timely enough that got upstaged by Cadie calling from God-knows-where.

That period wasn't really good for me, as I kinda did this come-on-strong oh-wait-i'm-still-hung-up-on-my-ex twice with two girls in Cadie's absence, one of which was not only beautiful but really cool and I wish I hadn't pissed her off the way I did. History has a funny way of being around forever.

Anyway, naturally I am excited by gigs, so for me to lose this is a bit sad, but the manner in which I lost it makes me sting a little. I'm annoyed and remorseful.
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