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Playing a free show tonight @ College Inn, around 8:30PM. MY roommate asked me a couple days ago if I'd open for them, and I said sure, why not. So I've been practicing the last couple days, bouncing from work at reasonable hours to squeeze in some thrash time before quiet hours, writing new material, listening to music in a different way, practicing practicing practicing. I love Having A Show, it makes life a lot richer. Something I constantly forget, or just let fall aside. Also, talking loud clears my throat, something that's been continuously clogged with phlegm for damn near a year.

Further, I had a dream last night about some sort of poetry class, and the teacher was this TOTAL bitch... Me/the protagonist (it was kinda like a movie) was questioning why structure in a poem was necessary ("can't I just write, I don't want to conform") and the teacher said "Fine let me see what you've been writing about, what's your oh-so-important point to make" and the student was kinda reluctant to show her. At that point the teacher said something along the lines of "Most people say the same thing over and over again, there is not a lot of originality in ultimate messages, so they use structure to enrich the poem, to make it more interesting."

Upon retrospect it was relatively profound thing for my unconscious mind to say. Do you think it's true? Creativity generally thrives inside a structure. I kind of want to take a poetry class, or something, to know all the meter shit and classical verse construction.

Also in the dream was a freestyle session upon which this chick rhymed "room" with "broom" and it totally blew my fucking mind I wanted to kiss her

Another dream I had the other night was me sneaking into an office building to find a drum to bang on. I hid in a corridor much like some sort of Matrix-cubicle-scene thing and waited until it was clear, then ran like hell, got spotted, found a drum and ran out the door to bang on it. When I was outside, the stick I had to bang on it broke, and I had to find another stick. The drum/stick combination was one of those Native Alaskan drums, so I needed like THAT kinda stick. It was all very urgent. Then I happened upon a group of three inuit guys who were sitting down - they gave me one and we started banging and singing this crazy song. Then I woke up.

Anyway, my unconscious mind is totally pleased as it's an arena of life that I've been neglecting for damn near 2 years, which is depressing to no end. I don't want to do the rap thing anymore, I kinda want to do more harder stuff, and also maybe get into jazz, like jazz drumming or something. Drums have been going well, although I haven't practiced THEM in damn near a week.

Also, I recently bought a weight bench which I have been using occasionally. Only bench press right now, and a little bit of shoulder work with the free weights. My roommates and I are trying to get a routine going - I want to do it in the morning say around 8. It's the best laid plan possible, nothing could go wrong with waking up at 8 every weekday.

Anyway, send some cosmic coordination energy to me tonight, because I am still rusting on my bass-finger plucking and I need to scream at the same time. xo Q
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