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Friday was spent at work, hanging out with boss & boss's wife (lovely folks) then clickin and clackin on the keyboard. Got out relatively early, went home drank a couple beers, decided to make pizza, so I made the dough then me & mechagodzilla12 went up to Trader Joe's n MM for fixins and wine, then my girl's roomie called so we wetn and hung wit him @ the Summit Alehouse for a hot minute, then over to oz_the_geek's place for some midnight BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, which was hilarious as it was a room full of nerds laughing at obscure star trek references. Proceed to go back home and cook a pizza all wine'd up, then watch clash of the titans and passthefuckout

Saturday was spent waking up at 11, sans hangover, drinkin a bit of coffee then an intense workout session I am still sore from, then big ass omelette with roommate, then shower & meet girlfriend downtown where we went to buy some tea, shoe trees, tried to find a shirt to no avail, whatever. Met up with kieka_23 for some oddfellows but it was totally packed so we went to bimbo's poorly lit dungeon for drinks n nachoes. PRO TIP: Reservations are recommended for busy times @ Oddfellows. Then back home for a game of Risk wit roommates & Josh from College Inn, Princess Mononoke, and Casino Royale all ending at 4AM.

Sunday was spent cooking another bigass omelette, fighting with my girlfriend over whether or not to put chard in the omelette, troubleshooting the malfunctional water heater, ripping the thermocouple out of the malfunctional water heater, sending girlfriend off on the portland-bound train, hopping a bus to home depot, talking to 3 incompetent home depot staffers until finally finding a guy who knows a crap - popping over to downtown to find a short-sleeved oxford (right now: impossible) and some wet shaving soap at a price lesser than $25 for a fucking BAR OF SOAP... Finally finding it somewhere in Pacific Place, then back up home to fix the water heater, finding/sealing a gas leak, then band practice, then got a bit high and boogied down while making burritos & watching V for Vendetta.

Today has not been kind as I think I'm hungover from the weed. And I am at work. At least the sun is beautiful. Good weekend, certainly active. Turmoil underneath. Mercury in retrograde. ttfn
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