memeslut (memeslut) wrote,

Straight Shooter

So over the past 4 months I've been saying over and over again that I am abandoning the tyranny of disposable razors and opting for a straight razor solution to my grooming needs. After much deliberation, 1 cheap-o $10 razor off ebay, agonizing research, and rationalization, I've finally bought the razor; a refurbished Dovo at 19/32" by 3 1/2". Actually I don't really remember the measurements. Anyway for the absolutely-necessary strop I once again opted for the cheapest of the high-end, that being the "Artisan Lite" model from The Well Shaved Gentleman. I picked up a new shaving brush off ebay for $20 and the shaving soap I found at l'occitane in Pacific Place... While I didn't enjoy spending $15 for a puck that should cost $5, I was happy to have soap at the end of the day.

Anyway, long story short: tonight was my 2nd time shaving and I am fucking loving it. My technique leaves much room for improvement, but even my amateur's take on the procedure is leaving me well-shorn, smelling nice and feeling accomplished. As my facial hair doesn't grow fast enough for daily shaving to be imperative, I tend to treat shaving as an afterthought; this leaves me with pubic whiskers sprouting from my upper lip culminating in a generally sleazy effect that I do not prefer. To wit: I am trying to make shaving a cherished ritual and am thus far succeeding. It is an appeal to my ever-insatiable vanity, but I say better your soul suffer than your countenance.
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